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Build your portfolio, improve your technical skills, create a marketing plan for your business and more. For beginners through professional levels - Custom designed specifically for you! Located in Scottsdsale, Arizona 

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Workshop: Technical Photography/Video Skills This workshop will help you to improve your photography or video technical skills. . Learn the newest methods for capturing images (still and motion) and find out what products and tools will move you to the next level. 

Edit Your Images and Video

Workshop: Technical Processing Your Photos and Videos This workshop will help you to improve your workflow and processing skills for photography and video. From the basics to advanced techniques, you'll learn to choose the best software tools for processing your images.


Increase Your Photography Revenues

Workshop: Put Your Photography to Work for You

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Workshop: Photography/Video for Social Media

Edit Your Images and Video

Workshop: Creating Websites and Landing Pages


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Workshop: Cell Phone Photography and Video

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